Base of neck to tail                      Girth Collar 


    XS                        27 - 32cm                   34-39cm 28-35cm 

    SMALL                 36-42cm                     45-52cm 30 - 36cm 

    MED                    45 - 51cm                    58-65cm 30-40cm

    L SLIM                 54-62cm                      65-72cm 43-49cm 

    LARGE                 60-75cm                      70-86cm 43-49cm

    Fleece Jumper - RED STAR

    • Our best selling jumpers fleece jumpers, designed by us and produced by us in East sussex, UK. Tested, tried and thoroughly well loved by everyone.


      • Made of quality polar fleece 

      • Ideal for drying your dog 

      • Perfect for keeping warm in winter 

      • Allows full range of movement for your dog(no missing out on running!) 

      • Tucked collar feature to allow collar/tag to sit comfortably


      Perfect for all dogs, our customers range from working dogs to agility dogs to family pets and our jumpers suit them all. Please ensure you measure your dog correctly to allow a comfortable fit.